Matthew and Mary Heery and their descendants
A Liverpool Family 1800 to 2012
At about the time of the Great Famine or not long afterwards Matthew Heery emigrated to Liverpool with his wife, Mary (Kelly), and their four children.  Matthew was probably born in Kilskyre in County Meath in about 1805.  Kilskyre (sometimes spelt Kilskeer) is about 40 miles north of Dublin. There are now some 200 direct descendants of Matthew and Mary in and around Liverpool and many others elsewhere in the world. This website records what we know about where they came from, who they are, where they are now, and some of the events in their lives during the last two hundred years.
Until very recently we knew very little about our Irish origins. We had an idea that Matthew originated from Meath and we discovered that Heery was a common Meath name. How we used the records to trace exactly where we came from is one of the stories that is told here.          
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